Double 3


Next release is going to be an editor of tile based 2D maps.

Release of asset is planned to be done step by step like starting from 0.6 version.

All 0.x versions will have special 0.version price...

What's next?

Here you can find information about my products that`s about to be released.

For now on it`s two of assets for Unity3D.

All of visitors are Welcome!!!

This site going to be dedicated to my development in game industry mostly...

For now waiting for any of mine releases to be out...

For now on I`m inspired with Unity3D and mosty 2D part of it. Whishing to make the great game at once, I understand that all is never so easy. So by learning I created some tools for Unity to help people on their way...

What`s first?

Packages information...



Assets Development
Unity 3D